¼ of School-Age Part-Timers Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

Su Jin Jang, May 1, 2017, 9:17 a.m.

One in four youngsters working part-time workers earns less than minimum wage and some were not paid at all, a survey suggests. The minimum hourly wage was W6,030 last year (US$1=W1,138). The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family last month published a 2016 survey of 15,646 youngsters in fourth thorough 12th grade across the country to gauge their exposure to harmful environments.

Some 11.3 percent said they have had part-time jobs. Most said they did not rebel against improper treatment, even though they were paid less than minimum wage (25.8 percent), were not paid overdue wages (13.4 percent), were forced to work unpaid overtime (16.9 percent), or suffered verbal abuse or sexual harassment.

Some 65.8 percent said they swallowed the insults and kept working, and 21.1 percent simply quit. Only 0.8 percent said they reported their treatment to the Ministry of Employment and Labor or police.

Meanwhile, some 41.5 percent of the youngsters admitted having watched porn at least once. Even in elementary school, 18.6 percent have seen porn, more than double the 7.5 percent in a similar survey two years earlier. 

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