1 Out of 10 Households Has a Family Member That Lives Apart in South Korea

David Lee, Nov. 3, 2015, 8:15 a.m.

One out of ten households in Seoul houses a person that is living away from their family due to work or studies. The Seoul Institute announced that 12.3 percent (441,936 households) among those living in Seoul are not living with their families. Among them, 173,681 households (39.3 percent) had family members living abroad.

Among the reasons people lived far from their spouses, work was the biggest reason (69.7 percent), while 16.7 percent were separated because of family feuds, 4.5 percent were living apart because of reasons related to the education of their children, and 4.4 percent was because of health related reasons.

Among those who were living apart from their families due to work related reasons, 51.6 percent had their spouse living in another region within the country, while those whose spouse went abroad represented only 18.1 percent.

On the other hand, the portion of people with spouses living abroad because of their children’s education was 3.4 percent, which was larger than those living in another area within the country (1.2 percent). The reason unmarried children were not living with their parents varied from ‘studies’ (53 percent), ‘work’ (39.0 percent) and ‘military service’ (13.5 percent). Responses were duplicated due to the fact that some families had many members living in different areas.

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