[Writer's Choice] 10 Songs that turn 10-years-old in 2018

Amy Jung, Jan. 19, 2018, 10:51 a.m.

I've been listening to Kpop for a while and sometimes when I listen to Kpop stans on Twitter, I'm surprised that a lot of them haven't had the chance to listen to some iconic bops. And 2008 was a really amazing year for Kpop and a lot of the songs on this list are songs that are still on my playlist. Here are 10 songs that turn 10-years-old in 2018. 

1. SHINee - "Replay"

It wouldn't be a list of 2008 if I didn't include SHINee. They released so many iconic songs during this year but it makes sense to remember the song that started it all.

2. TVXQ - "Mirotic"

One of the most iconic songs ever. Their dance isn't as memorable as the song but you can always expect this song to be covered by a boy group at least once a year.

3. Wonder Girls - "Nobody"

Outside of Korea, this is probably the first Kpop song people ever listened to and it's probably the most popular Wonder Girls' song to those who've never heard of "Tell Me." 

4. Rain - "Rainism"

"I'm gonna be a bad boy." 'Nuff said.

5. Lee Hyori - "U-Go-Girl"

Ever since going solo, Lee Hyori constantly released bops and this song was no exception.

6. BIGBANG - "Haru Haru"

The song that started BIGBANG's legend.

7. Davichi - "Even though I hate you, I love you"

Though many might know them now for the "Descendents of the Sun" OST, their debut was amazing. 

8. SS501 - "UR Man"

It's been rumored that they will be making a comeback this year, and fans are excited because it's been years since songs like this were out.

9. FT Island - "After Love"

The first idol band to gain popularity and mainstream success have never failed to release a good song.

10. Epik High - "One" 

Epik High burst onto the scene with a different take on the hip-hop genre and shaped the way the Korean entertainment industry handles the genre now. 

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