100%'s Chanyong poses with Sunmi backstage

Johnson Park, March 14, 2014, 11:52 a.m.

100%'s Chanyong took a picture with Sunmi backstage in a music show waiting room, showing off their full outfits for filming.

What's particularly striking is that both artists are going for a dark theme with Sunmi wearing bright red lipstick for her vampire concept and Chanyong wearing an edgy black outfit and smoky eye makeup for 100%'s dramatic concept.

He uploaded the picture onto Twitter along with, "With Sunmi before going up on stage. Fascinating black-haired vampire and white-haired Frankenstein!  Wow, cool."

Netizens replied, "The meeting of a vampire and Frankenstein," "Sunmi is pretty and Chanyong is cool," and more.

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