11 BEST Pepero Game Moments That'll Make You Blush

Su Jin Jang, June 8, 2016, 3:37 p.m.

If you're a fan of K-pop or Korean entertainment in general, then you're probably no stranger to the "Pepero Game", a staple activity for variety shows and a MUST-DO for idol group members in order to dish out a little fan service. The game is usually played between members of the same idol group or on a variety show with fellow celebrities. 

The "Pepero Game" always incites a lot of excitement for fans, as these moments typically generate hilarious scenes of embarrassment or almost-kisses! This particular game is normally played using actual Pepero, but sometimes celebrities will play the game with similar snacks or foods (preferably something similar in length to a Pocky stick). The objective of the "Pepero Game" is to munch down on the cracker and leave as small of a piece as you can between oneself and their partner! The remaining piece is then measured to determine which pair wins the game. Shy celebrities will break off their end of the piece before getting too close, and those who are more daring will go all in, leaving nothing but a niblet the size of a crumb!

Get ready to laugh, blush, and even cringe with our 11 best Pepero game moments!

1. Park Seo Joon & Song Ji Hyo

2. EXO

3. INFINITE's Sunggyu & SISTAR's Soyou

4. INFINITE's L & Sungyeol

5. Girl's Day's Yura & Hong Jonghyun

6. f(x)'s Amber & VIXX's N

7. T-ara's Soyeon & Click-B's Oh Jong Hyuk

8. Topp Dogg

9. B.A.P

10. Block B

11. VIXX

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If you want to know more about pepero, visit Lotte Sweetland on Facebook HERE

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