12 Koreans Hurt in Hot Air Balloon Girl in Turkey

luvsmiling, March 12, 2015, 10:37 a.m.

At least 12 Korean tourists were injured after a hot air balloon crashed in the popular Turkish resort of Pamukkale on Wednesday.  The area's spectacular terraces of limestone pools make it popular with tourists from around the world. 

According to the Korean Embassy in Ankara, the hot air balloon crashed due to heavy winds as it tried to land at around 6 p.m. Wednesday. Five of the Koreans suffered fractures and the others cuts and bruises. 

They were rushed to a nearby hospital and canceled the remainder of their trip.  The balloon ride was part of their tour package.  Last December, a Chinese tourist was killed and nine others injured when the hot-air balloon crashed in Cappadocia. In May 2013, three Brazilians died when two balloons collided. 



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