1TYM's Jinhwan Will Be Getting Married in May 2015

Inquisitive Bro-migo, March 12, 2015, 1:09 p.m.

Jinhwan from 1TYM, the legendary veteran hip-hop group from YG Entertainment will be the second member of the group to be married after Danny! Sources have stated that he will be getting hitched to his long time girlfriend in May of 2015, and it will be a small, private, and quiet ceremony.

There is no specific date set currently, but upon hearing the news his fellow member Baekkyung posted on his Facebook, "Goosebumps... During our promotions back in 2000, we were chatting in our car... Teddy hyung had asked, 'Hey, who do you think will get married first?' The answer we came up with then after some discussion was that first would be Danny, second would be Jinhwan, third would be Baekkyung, and fourth would be Teddy. Looking at it now, it seems it's been all correct up to the second. If the rest go by that order then wow... What's funnier is that after we decided on that order, we nodded along without much thinking and chatted about it, saying 'Why do I have a feeling it'll be like that.' Because Jinhwan hyung isn't one of many words, I only recently learned about the news of his marriage... It seems the day that should have come has finally come. A groom of May, I like it."

A big congratulations goes out to Jinhwan! If 1TYM's members' predictions come true, then it may be that Baekkyung is next to walk down the aisle. Teddy will be sure to give him a run for the third place spot due to the fact that he is in a very happy relationship with actress Han Ye Seul!

Fans are still hoping for a 1TYM comeback, as the group was never officially disbanded. You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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