2 Years Jail Time Requested for TV Show Staff Member Who Placed Hidden Camera's in Dorms of Female Celebrities

BanSeok Shin, June 3, 2019, 10:28 a.m.

The prosecution has asked for a 2-year prison sentence for a staff member from Olive TV's program, 'Food Cart Without Borders', who illegally set up hidden cameras in the dorm of Shin Se Kyung and Apink's Bomi. In September of 2018, while filming outside of Korea, the staff member known as "Kim," was caught after Shin Se Kyung noticed the camera in the dorm. Kim has admitted to all of the charges against him.

On June 3rd (KST), the prosecution asked the court to sentence Kim to 2 years in prison and additionally, employment restrictions, and disclosure of personal information. The prosecutor has said that, "Hidden camera crimes are a serious issue in society. The fear is even greater for the victims who are celebrities...The defendant clearly planned out the crime by purchasing a hidden camera shaped like a battery."

Kim's sentence will be announced on July 10th.

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