2018 shown to be the year with the highest earnings in Big Hit Entertainment's history

Jun Ko, March 19, 2019, 10:43 a.m.

On March 19th, Big Hit Entertainment released their audit report and their business performance for 2018 to the public! The publicized report showed the label to have recorded a total revenue amount of 214,200,000,000 KRW (~190,000,000 USD), an operating profit amount of 64,100,000,000 KRW (~57,000,000 USD), and a total net income of 50,200,000,000 KRW (44,000,000 USD). It marked as the highest results in the company's history as the company saw a 132% increase in total revenues, a 97% increase in operating profits, and a 105% increase in net income. 

The sharp increase in earnings is due to BTS' earned revenue through album sales, their 'Love Yourself' world tour, and more! 

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