2AM back together again

Paul Lee, July 11, 2016, 9:09 a.m.

K-pop group 2AM’s members on Sunday held a V app broadcast “Homecoming Day” to celebrate the group’s eighth anniversary since its debut. Changmin said, “It has been a long time for us to return as a full unit.” In response to a question about what it was like doing solo activities, Jo Kwon said, “I have been performing solo on stages for a while, and the loneliness hit me hard.”

He added “Singing 2AM songs on music shows alone was difficult.” When Jin-woon introduced himself as the youngest member, Kwon notes, “Our youngest member is 26,” highlighting just how much time has passed.

Jinwoon jokingly said that the room is more “crowded” now, due to the gathering of all of the band’s members. He added, “My solo album was in a band form, so I was not completely on my own. During the broadcast, 2AM members also sang in response to fans’ requests. 

Teen Top

Teen Top revealed on the V app on Sunday the new project it has in store for its sixth anniversary. The group answered fans’ questions about its third anniversary project. “We did have some performances dedicated for our ‘Angels,’” L.Joe explained. 

Angels refer to the band’s fans. “But this Angel Song Project will be quite different. We will personally write and compose songs and show gratitude for our fans on our sixth anniversary.” Another of the group’s member C.A.P said the group would reveal the project’s songs at its upcoming fan meeting.

The “Angel Song” is likely to include songs across two different genres, as hinted during the broadcast. Members divided themselves up into two teams, who will each write and compose a hip-hop song and a ballad respectively. 

Red Velvet

Quintet Red Velvet hosted a live V app broadcast on the stage of Mnet’s M Super Concert on Sunday. On the stage, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri danced to songs, including dance hit “Dumb Dumb” and “Ice Cream Cake.” 

Joy said after the performance, “It has been a while to see you guys in front of the stage. I hoped you all enjoyed our songs.” Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit www.vlive.tv.

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