2AM’s Jokwon Speaks Out About his Relationship Status

luvsmiling, May 28, 2015, 12:53 p.m.

2AM member Jokwon recently took to social media to share his voice on his current relationship status.  Recent reports of the idol dating have been circulating recently.  Following the release of multiple reports stating that Jokwon is currently in a dating relationship, according to an interview he took part in for magazine High Cut, he personally stepped up to deny those reports.

On May 28, Jokwon tweeted, “I just saw the reports..I’m not dating ㅜㅜ I want to [date]..I never said that there is someone that I’m currently dating during the interview…Completely taken aback.”

He then took to his Instagram and wrote, “The most tiring thing a person can do while living life is using up emotion.”

In another post soon after, he wrote:

“Jokwon: I like jjambbong.
Person: That’s funny. You like jjajangmyeon.
Jokwon: No, I said I like jjambbong.
Person: You don’t usually eat food with soup in it. That’s why you 100% like jjajangmyeon.
Jokwon: I’m saying I like jjambbong so why do you keep saying [I like] jjajangmyeon?
Person: Your thoughts are not important. You just like jjajangmyeon. No ifs, ands, or buts, 100%.”

The 2AM member seems to be expressing his frustration at netizens who continue to spread rumors about him, as well as those who choose to believe those rumors, regardless of what he actually says.

JoKwon is a South Korean singer, MC, actor, entertainer and leader of boy band 2AM. Jo Kwon, formerly known as Sacre Bleu, trained at JYP Entertainment 7 years after joining the company. He was chosen as the last member of Park Jin Young's "99% Challenge Project" along with Sun-ye of Wonder Girls.

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