2NE1 reveals 'CRUSH' track list!

michinGZB, Feb. 19, 2014, 3:50 p.m.

2NE1 have released the track list of their upcoming album 'CRUSH'!
On 18th, YG Entertainment announced 2NE1's second full-length album release delay to the 26th, which is also CL’s birthday. The post also revealed two songs on 'CRUSH': "Come Back Home", a R&B, reggae, and hip hop cross-over produced by TEDDY, and "Gotta Be You" also by TEDDY and PK. A total of 3 songs were written and composed by CL herself.

Check out the full track list for more details below!

1. “Crush”
2. “Come Back home”
3. "Gotta Be You"
4. "Hope to Live"
5. "Nice Girl"
6. "Mental Breakdown"

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