2NE1’s Minzy Bught Her Parents a House at 19!

D-Bo, Sept. 10, 2013, 6:27 a.m.

On September 8th's broadcast of KBS' "Mamma Mia,", Minzy appeared as a guest with her mother as well as a other idols.

When MC Lee Young Ja asked, “How’s the contract [with YG Entertainment]?” Minzy’s mother replied with a smile, “Minzy bought us a house with the contract money.” She added to the surprise of everyone at the set, “She was nineteen at the time.”

Her mother continued, “Minzy went into YG when she was in the sixth grade and made her debut at sixteen. She endured a lot during that time. When we entered the new house, we all cried.”

Meanwhile, Minzy’s mother also pleaded with Papa YG to let Minzy appear on more variety shows on the show.

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