2PM is in the Latest Issue of High Cut Magazine

D-Bo , May 21, 2014, 10:35 a.m.

The boys of 2PM are being featured in next month’s issue of High Cut Magazine.  The boys took a nice fresh spring theme approach for their pictorial.  They had this to say during their interview, Wooyoung opened up about his confusion between pretend and reality while filming 'We Got Married', "Half of me feels like 'if this person is my wife' and the other-half goes, 'the viewers are watching'. After I finish filming and return to reality, I feel confused for a day... During filming, I really think of her as a person who I really adore and love." Fellow 'We Got Married' alumni Nichkhun also complimented him, "I thought that if Wooyoung is with a girl, he would be really awkward but he is very natural and is doing well."

When asked how they're like during their Japanese arena tour, Nichkhun shared, "When we perform, we're like celebrities but when we talk, we're just like six comedians." Jun.K, who fans know to have the gift of gab, shared, "During concerts, I am the type to talk a lot so that fans find me approachable like a next-door-oppa."

Check out the pictorial and let us know which one is your favorite!


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