2PM Reveal #Hashtag Interview with 1theK

evisu, Sept. 19, 2014, 2:39 p.m.

JYP Entertainment’s 2PM appeared in an recorded interview with music group 1theK. During the interview, the 2PM members chose specific hash tags and individual members would tell comical stories related to the hashtags.

The hashtags 2PM selected were, #AreYou_Crazy, #Party_Tonight, #Hangover, #Go_Crazy, and #6thAnniversarySinceDebut.

For the #AreYou_Crazy tag, Wooyoung revealed his latest craze with motorcycles,  and Jun.K, who  has been gaining fame as a producer explained his obsession with social media and the rankings of the groups songs. The next tag the group chose was #Party_Tonight where the group revealed their plans to connect with fans through guerilla concerts. Wooyoung revealed to have thrown up on his bed when the group members suggested #Hangover as a tag. 

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