2PM Wooyoung serenades and proposes to Park Se Young in Singapore on 'We Got Married'

No1uKnow, May 12, 2014, 11:07 a.m.

2PM's Wooyoung serenaded Park Se Young with a sweet song on the May 10 episode of 'We Got Married'.

The couple flew to Singapore for their honeymoon, and Wooyoung made sure to start things out romantic. When they arrived at their hotel room, he spotted a piano and serenaded Park Se young, singing Sung Si Kyung's "The Road to Me".

She seemed touched and taken by the surprise that he didn't just play the piano for her, but also sang a song. But it didn't stop there. Wooyoung also planned a special proposal event outside, asking her to marry him before their wedding on the island.

SOoooo romantic!


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