2PM’s Chansung Poses for Elle Magazine

Hyo Jin Lee, June 23, 2016, 8:32 a.m.

2PM member Chansung is the latest idol to be featured in the fashion publication Elle Magazine.  For the interview, the idol shared Even though we've had the image of 'beast-idols' since our debut, rather than having a beastly and reckless image, I would like for us to remain a group that when women see us, they feel they can rely on us, and even when men see us, they feel that we're a charismatic group." 

About his aspirations in acting, Chansung revealed, "I think if I were to take on a romantic comedy, I'd be good at playing a guy who's cool on the outside to other people, but in front of his girlfriend, he's awkward and uncool." 

Hwang Changsung, generally known as Chansung, is a member of the Korean boy band 2PM, where he is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and actor. He is the youngest of the group. Chansung made his debut as an actor in the 2006 MBC comedy Unstoppable High Kick, and has gone on to co-star in the Japanese drama Kaito Royale.


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