2PM’s Junho Reveals Which Group in JYP Brings in The Most Profit

Alice Lee , May 11, 2017, 3:36 p.m.

2PM’s Junho alongside TWICE’s Sana and Tzuyu were guests on the recent broadcast of ‘Happy Together 3.’ MC Park Myun Soo asked Junho if TWICE is the #1 in profit in JYP Entertainment was. Junho cautiously responded that 2PM is actually still #1 in profit at JYP. He explained that although the group are currently not on Korean broadcasts, but they have continuously been going on tours. JYP Entertainment’s CEO Jung Wook also mentioned this back in December. Junho also explained that people in Korea think that 2PM has stopped promotions due to their inactivity on broadcasts. He revealed that he even visited a hospital in Korea once and was asked what he was up to lately. Junho also spoke up about the malicious comments he received after appearing on ‘I Live Alone,’ where many commented that they don’t understand why he lives in such a nice house when he doesn’t even do anything. Thankfully, Junho brushes off the negativity and stated that he’s always working hard and has never rested for longer than a week. He also wants to get rid of the misunderstandings that many have towards 2PM. Check out the raw video and stills from the recent broadcast below! 

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