2PM's WooYoung took over a cover of Japanese Magazine

James Han, March 13, 2017, 9:37 a.m.

Wooyoung of 2PM was recently featured on the cover of a Japanese fashion magazine, which released Monday a photo of Wooyoung from the shoot. In the picture, the singer’s hair is dyed a light orange-brown and he is wearing a light blue denim jacket with jeans. His arm is around Japanese female model Emi Suzuki. 

Wooyoung has enjoyed popularity since his debut in 2008 as a member of 2PM. He made his solo debut in Japan with his first single “R.O.S.E.” in 2015. 

The singer is set to drop a new album titled “Party Shots,” with a lead track of the same name, in Japan on April 19. 

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