4 Out of 10 Teens Play Games on Smartphone For At least 1 Hour a Day

kpopluv, May 5, 2015, 9:10 a.m.

Four in every 10 Korean youngsters play games on smartphones for over one hour a day, a report by the Korea Communications Agency suggests. The report found that overall 27.5 percent of those who plays games on mobile devices spend more than one hour a day doing it.

Teens were the largest group at 40 percent, while some 10 percent of them spend more than two hours playing games. They were followed by those in their 30s with 37.5 percent, 20-somethings with 22.5 percent, 40-somethings with 20 percent and those in their 50s with 17.5 percent.

Some 37 percent of respondents said they made some payment to play games. The figure was the highest at 52.5 percent among those in their 30s. About 45 percent of smartphone users in their 20s also play paid-for games, while the figure for teens and the 50-somethings stood at 30 percent.

As for the amount of payment, some 9.5 percent paid more than W10,000 (US$1=W1,061) a month. Half spent between W1,000 and W5,000, 23 percent less than W1,000, and 17.6 percent between W5,000 and W10,000.

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