4 things Kim Rae Won, Han Suk Kyu have in common

Angela Jung, Feb. 27, 2017, 10:38 a.m.

The heroes of the latest Korean medical TV series, "Doctors" and "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim," are expected to take Korean theaters by storm by co-starring in the upcoming undercover thriller film "The Prison." Despite gaps in age and experience, the actors, Kim Rae-won and Han Suk-kyu, have surprisingly a lot in common. 

1. Both saw a stunning success in the latest drama series with doctor roles.

Kim and Han played doctors Hong Ji-hong and Boo Yong-joo in SBS series "Doctors" and "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim," respectively. 

Han of "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" not only contributed to 27.6 percent of viewership at its highest, but also won a "2016 SBS Drama Award" for his performance. Kim of "Doctors" exuded chemistry with star actress Park Shin-hye, which enabled the series to top 20 percent of viewer ratings.

2. Both are recognized for lower-pitched voices.

Kim and Han are both remembered with their original lower-pitched voices, as well as accurate delivery of words, leading to many comedians impersonating voices of the characters the two played. 
Particularly, Han debuted as a voice actor of KBS in 1990 and spent his first year career as entertainer before debuting as a TV actor of MBC the next year. Kim's line, where he expresses extreme fury by saying "Did you really just have to take it all?" in 2006 crime film "Sunflower," has recently gone viral. 

3. Both like to go fishing

Kim and Han said in an interview with KBS 2TV's "Entertainment Weekly" aired on Feb. 18 that they have shared a hobby of fishing, even before going on location for "Prison." 

"We usually stay a couple of nights at the fishing site," Kim said. 

In the same interview, both Kim and Han admitted Kim, the younger, is a better fisher.

4. The roles both are playing in "The Prison" are new to them.

With their uniquely mild image, Kim and Han had few opportunities to act merciless, evil antagonists. In the movie "The Prison" eyeing release in March, Han plays the ruthless boss of a prison gang who seeks to rule the outside world by taking advantage of the prison inmates, while Kim plays a trouble-making former cop sent behind bars after a hit-and-run accident.

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