4-year-old asks for Big Bang at YG Entertainment

Tina Yoon , May 3, 2017, 9:38 a.m.

A clip of a 4-year-old biracial child asking for Big Bang at YG Entertainment’s building was gaining local media’s attention Wednesday. Australia-born Nichola and her Korean husband Gwon Sun-hong have been running the YouTube channel “My Korean Husband” together since 2012. The channel, which has over 50,000 subscribers, was given bigger publicity Wednesday, when one of the channel’s clips dated April 24 was picked up by the local media who found the biracial child in the video beyond adorable. She was speaking in Korean and asking for Big Bang at YG Entertainment security post.

According to Nichola’s explanation, the child is Alice, the daughter of her sister Sophie who is also married to a Korean man. Alice considers YG as “Big Bang’s house” and she wanted to know if Big Bang was there.

She walked up to the security guard, who allowed her to come up close and kindly explained to her that the K-pop group was not there that day. Alice trots back to her mom and speaks in perfect Korean, “Mom, Big Bang isn’t here.”

The video was watched over 200,000 times as of Wednesday.

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