4Minute Share in an Intimate Time With Very First Fan Meeting!

Kyongeun Park, Sept. 22, 2015, 12:22 p.m.

Popular girl group 4minute held their very first official domestic fan meeting in Korea on September 19th at the Seoul Gangnam District's Baekam Art Hall, where the girls bonded with their fans (called 4NIAs) through an hour-long talk and performances of their hit songs such as 'Crazy', 'What's Your Name?', 'HUH', and more!

Although it's been five years since the girls debuted in 2010, this was the first time the ladies of 4minute were able to partake in a domestic fan meeting with their 4NIAs in Korea! During their 'Come Play at Our House' fan meeting, the girls hosted an intimate segment titled 'Heart to Heart', where they answered fans' questions as honestly as possible. It was even revealed that the girls creatively came up with their own ideas to make the fan meeting more fun and memorable for 4NIAs.

4minute rounded off the concert with their special fan-dedicated song 'Thank You', as well as a sweet message, saying, "This was a really memorable time [for us]. We prepared for this meeting as though we were back in our early debut days. We're so thankful that everyone came so far to meet us, and we promise to prepare even more for the next time we meet. We're currently carefully composing new music [for you guys], with the thought of how well 'Crazy' was received. Please look forward to our comeback!"

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