53 South Korean Soldiers Postpone Discharge Amid Inter-Korea Tensions

kpopluv, Aug. 25, 2015, 8:51 a.m.

An increasing number of conscripts voluntarily postponed their discharge from the military amid escalating tensions between the two Koreas. According to the army, 53 soldiers had decided to postpone their discharge by Monday, before the two Koreas managed to defuse tensions on Tuesday morning.

"In the past, some soldiers did the same, but that was usually because they had to join a drill or similar reasons," a spokesman said. "It was very rare for soldiers to postpone their discharge voluntarily, particularly in a situation like this."

Some soldiers who were on a leave of absence also returned ahead of schedule. Probably motivated by such patriotic actions, some reservists in their 20s and 30s posted messages on social networks saying they are ready to serve their country too.

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