600 South Korean Teenagers Partake in Traditional Coming of Age Ceremony

David Lee, Dec. 11, 2015, 9:31 a.m.

Around 600 high school students who will be graduating in February got together at the Daejeon Convention Center to celebrate their coming of age.

With the help of an instructor from Sungkyunkwan, a Korean college where students study and follow the ways of Confucius, the students experienced Samgarye (clothing one as an adult), Chorye (explaining the right of adults to drink liquor), and Myungjarye (giving the new adult a new name).

The students attended the ceremony respectfully, but from time to time pulled out their smartphones and took pictures, still showing their playfulness. It was the first ceremony held since the coming of age observance was mandated through a government ordinance. Most of the students were still 17 to 18, but officials explained that they prepared the ceremony to alert them of the responsibilities and etiquette of adults, and give the students a sense of self respect.


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