88 Year Old Veteran's Heart Breaking Story: Earning $13 A Day

Jay Lee, June 26, 2019, 4:53 p.m.

A video featuring a Korean veteran has been gaining netizen's attention for its heartbreaking story. 

The video features Park Rae Jung, an 88 year old veteran who served in the Korean War. For his living, he pulls a small cart filled with used cardboard and boxes all day for 11 hours. He works this laborious job for long hours to support his disabled wife but only earns about 15,000 KRW or 13 US Dollars. He saves on expenses by smoking discarded cigarette butts from the ground and eating 17 US cent meals for lunch. 

Despite such conditions, Park Rae Jung is positive and says he is fine with his instant ramen dinners because he likes them. He also says that there are people who are worse off than him. When the Youtuber gave him money (around $866) to help pay for his living expenses, Park Rae Jung stated, "I don't know if I should take it because I haven't done anything" and expressed a sorry heart for accepting the money."

Touched Netizens have started a petition stating to improve the conditions of all veterans who have helped serve the country. 

Check the video down below.

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