8D Creative Says IZ*ONE Kang Hye Won is Not Involved with Former Employee Booked for Bribery

Jay Yim, Dec. 6, 2019, 10:46 a.m.

According to reports today, there were a total of 8 people who were booked and prosecuted, 3 of whom were Mnet employees which include producer Ahn Joon Young, Kim Yong Bum CP, and another producer by the surname 'Lee'. The other 5 individuals were said to be insiders from entertainment companies.

Earlier, media outlets called out Starship, and Woollim Entertainment, along with 8D Creative as the companies responsible for bribing Mnet's producer Ahn Joon Young into rigging the votes for the 'Produce' series' trainees. Among the 5 individuals mentioned earlier, the president and vice president of Starship, along with an employee 'Lee' of Woollim, and an employee 'Ryu' under 8D.

However, as soon as this word got out, a representative from 8D Creative came forward and said, "The former employee 'Ryu' mentioned in previous media reports did work under our company briefly, but he left as of last year. Afterward, 'Ryu' sent trainees from his current agency on 'Produce X 101'. The issues currently causing concerns are surrounding that process, and they have nothing to do with 8D Creative." 

In earlier reports, former employee of 8D Creative was revealed to be one of the individuals booked by authorities and moved to prosecution for charges of bribing Ahn. However, the company said that 'Ryu' did not receive any bribes while working for 8D, further adding that IZ*ONE member Kang Hye Won was not involved in the vote rigging process amid ongoing speculations.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates.

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