‘9th Boy’ Korean Drama Accused of Plagiarizing ‘9th Exit’

evisu, Oct. 3, 2014, 4:17 p.m.

There have been accusations of plagiarism regarding the Korean dramas ‘9th Exit’ and ‘9th Boy’. Lee Jung Joo, writer of ‘9th Exit’ said to My Daily, "On October 2, I requested the broadcasting prohibition of '9th Boy.'  After the report relating to plagiarism came out earlier this month, I was contacted by the public relations team, which requested a meeting, so I met up with them.  However, at the spot, the producer and writer did not come, and it was strange that the writer who personally wrote the script was absent.  I then appointed a lawyer.

A rep at tvN spoke on the controversy, "[Writer Lee Jung Joo] desired a meeting with the production team, so we were preparing it.  However, while we were arranging the time and location, communication from '9th Exit' was slow. It turns out she had decided to meet with us with a law firm attorney.  That side gave in the notice for legal action first.

Apologizing in itself suggests an acknowledgment of plagiarism.  We cannot apologize because we did not plagiarize.  The side that is claiming plagiarism needs to gather material and prove it is plagiarism, but it seems they're just reacting to the situation with emotions."

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