Lee Young Ae on getting old as an actress

Su Jin Jang, Feb. 9, 2017, 10:02 a.m.

Lee Young-ae said she does not feel regretful about getting old as an actress in a recent interview with fashion magazine Elle Korea. “As you get more wrinkles on your face, you get to feel deeper emotions. I don’t feel regretful about getting old,” Lee said. 

The 46-year-old actress recently came back to TV screens after 13 years away with SBS’ drama “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.” In the new drama, she plays Shin Saimdang, a famed poet, artist, scholar of the Joseon era, who is also considered to be a symbol of a good, wise mother and wife in Korea.

In the long hiatus, the actress became a mother and wife herself. She got married in 2009 and became a mother of a twin son and daughter in 2011.

At the interview, she shared how those turning points of life have changed her as an actress. “I’ve got different emotions,” she said. “That is a good thing about being an actress. It is a profession that you can express the emotional changes you undergo when you get old, get married or bear a child.”

“Acting is after all a study of humans,” she said. 

She understands that she cannot always take leading roles or remain young and pretty. 

“As an actress, I want to try whatever -- whether that’s drama, film, documentary narration or something totally different -- as long as I can show my new facets and convey messages.” 

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