A Journey Through the Eras: B.A.P

S. Jin, Feb. 16, 2016, 6 p.m.

After slaying the charts (and fans) with their last album 'MATRIX', where the boys of B.A.P showcased their signature bold and charismatic concept, the group gears up for another one for the books with their 5th mini-album 'CARNIVAL'! B.A.P returns just as their 2nd world tour starts, exciting fans with their bright and livelier vibe.

It's hard not to feel like a proud mama as a BABY (haha oxymoron much?) when you see how far B.A.P has come since 2012. The boys burst onto the scene four years ago with their powerful track 'Warrior', making it known that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. B.A.P continued to find success with their bold concept and following tracks such as 'Power', 'No Mercy', 'One Shot', 'Badman', and 'Young, Wild & Free'. However, the talented group is far from one-dimensional as they've been able to transform themselves with livelier, brighter songs and a cuter concept, still finding great success with the public with songs such as 'Crash', 'Stop It', 'Where Are You? What Are You Doing?', and 'Coffee Shop'.

Despite their immense success, things weren't always smooth for the boy group. B.A.P found themselves in a lawsuit with their label TS Entertainment in November of 2014, filing against the music management company to nullify their contract on grounds of unfair conditions and uneven profit distribution. The much-publicized lawsuit forced the boys into a hiatus that took them away from the Kpop scene for almost a year. In August of 2015, it was announced that B.A.P and TS Entertainment had reached a settlement, which was followed up with a much-anticipated comeback in November with their 'MATRIX' album! Now, the boys are ready to make fangirls' hearts skip beats with another adorable, cheerful album 'CARNIVAL', slated to hit airwaves on February 22nd.

As we gear up for their comeback, let's take a journey through the eras (above), and see how far they've come! Which era was your favorite?

Also, make sure to enter for your chance to win B.A.P's 'CARNIVAL' album here, or check out the rules for submission in the description box of the video above! Good luck!

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