A male idol use and abandon a transgender woman???

michinGZB, Feb. 13, 2014, 11:08 a.m.

A transgender woman stepped forward posting a message on her personal Facebook page of a mistreatment from a male idol group member. According to this woman, the male idol recently joined a group as a new member back in November 2013.

On February 11th, she wrote 'I know this is like spitting on my own face, but I can no longer take it, I'm going to self-destruct. I'll become trash, and so you will be too and fall into hell, but I'm going to reveal everything I've kept to myself. I know how big of an issue this will be and how much it will shock and hurt people and i'm sorry but I can not hide it any longer. And I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this."

She claims that the two were living together as more then just friends previous to his debut and has even lent him money but he kept meeting other women and disappointed her.

She also claims "he borrowed money to sign with an idol agency and cut all communication afterwards and opened up an mobile phone account and didn't pay for it. While he was with me, he had many other women. You played me and others by setting people against each other. You're a public enemy and probably an sociopath."

For the reasons for exposing the truth, she said "I have nothing left for him and don't feel the need to protect him anymore." 

She said she can release text messages and sex videos of them saying "I will be your biggest roadblock in your future"

The post has been deleted after many netizens are out investigating who the idol is. 

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