New Study Shows 30 Year Olds Play on their Phones almost as much as Teenagers

Jimmy Pak, Jan. 15, 2014, 3:42 p.m.

A new research shows that 40% of Korean teens play games on their Android, iPhones, and mobile devices for over 1 hour a day. Surprisingly the same study shows that those in their 30s play more than those in their 20s! A whopping 37.5% of those in their thirty year olds play on their phones for over an hour, heavily thrashing those in their 20s at 22.5%.

Following these age groups are those in their 40s with 20%, and in their 50s with 17.5%. We can safely assume that the teens have a great influence on the other age groups the moment they find an addictive game to play.

Out of these age groups surveyed, a high percentage of them also paid for their games, opting out of the ‘free-only’ category. Roughly 52% of those in their 30s paid for games, still beating the 20 year olds at 45%. The 50’s group lands at 30%, as well as the teenage group, who may have difficulty acquiring credit cards at this time in their life.

Payment for the games can range from W1,000 ($1USD – W1,061) all the way to W10,000 and beyond.

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