A Pink is coming out with a sub-unit 'PINK BnN'

BooyaKaSha, June 24, 2014, 10:16 a.m.

You've guessed correctly if you saw the teaser image 'PINK BnN' released by A Pink and guessed they'll be forming a sub-unit!

Their agency A Cube Entertainment stated, "'PINK BnN' is a logo which stands for A Pink's sub-unit activities, various projects, and such... The specific details are planned to be unveiled with the music release."

It still leaves the fans curious to find out is which memebers will be forming this sub-unit. Fans are already throwing guesses that the 'BnN' can stand for Bomi and either Na Eun or Namjoo, or even maybe all three of them!

A Pink is also having their first Japanese showcase in Tokyo on August 4 so look out for more exciting new venture from the girls!

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