A Pink Speaks On Their Skyrocketing Popularity As Well As Their Love for Food

Inquisitive Bro-migo, April 22, 2014, 11:27 a.m.

The beautiful ladies of A Pink, who have just locked in their cute and girly reputation with their latest comeback, spoke about their thoughts about their sudden rise in popularity, as well as how much they love food.

Eunji began the conversation, stating "We received interest from the public with 'No No No' last year, and we thought of continuing that image this time too. We wanted to imprint our image [on the public] with a bit of that vibe from last time. As there are those among us who are still under age, and our average is only 21, I think the public is generously looking upon us fondly." 

When discussing their new stage being refreshed, Namjoo stated, "The feeling on stage is very different now. We feel as if though the reaction has changed as they recognize us even when we go perform out of the cities, and as they cheer us on to the point that we even receive strength, I think to myself 'We are progressing step by step.' I feel like we've just become more solid and our hearts have become more at peace. Our personalities aren't really lively, so we used to worry a lot, but now when we prepare for stages and such, we enjoy it more because we give ourselves room to breathe."

When the interviewer asked A Pink how they spend their downtime, Eunji spoke about how everyone loved food, commenting "We eat delicious food, chat, and watch movies from home. We are the type to enjoy eating late night snacks. We set aside a day to eat as much snacks as we want like jokbal (pigs' feet), dalkbal (chicken feet), chicken, and more."

Hayoung commented about their eating habits, stating that instead of refusing to eat to keep their figures, they would rather eat what they want and exercise after. "We also maintain our figures. We didn't know how to diet in the past so we even skipped meals. But now, rather than dieting, we are the type to exercise a lot. We naturally exercise as we practice our choreography and there are members who do pilates and yoga in their spare time. If you do yoga everyday, you get better at it, but if your stamina is not good, it is a difficult exercise."

Chorong said, "We are working out consistently. We were like that while preparing for 'No No No' and we are the type to do about an hour's worth of muscle-targeting exercises every day."

Eunji stated, "Some of you may already know this but we really eat a lot. In the past, we were chubbier than we are now and we had a lot of baby fat. We lost a lot of that baby fat as we grew up. I've lost weight compared to before 'No No No' days, and Na Eun also consistently exercised. As we worked hard like this, we were able to maintain our figures somewhat. In the past, people would look at our chubby image cutely because we were young, but girl groups these days are so skinny that if you have a more healthy figure, you end up looking chubby [in comparison to others]. So we end up having no choice but to diet."

Chorong, the leader of the group, commented on her group's chemistry, saying "Of course I admit that we have times when we get upset at one another while promoting, but now we approach each other first and work it out by talking. We know each other's personalities very well now. Although we came together from different backgrounds, our chemistry keeps getting better. My members are like a family who are all heading towards the same direction. Each of us want to work hard and create an individual aura."

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