A Pink’s Hayoung Shares Her Experience of Leaving the Jungle for Civilization

Paul Lee, May 18, 2016, 9:04 a.m.

After Hayoung finished filming SBS’ “Laws of the Jungle”, the A Pink member shared her experiences of feeling grateful and appreciative of everyday creature comforts that she had taken for granted previously. The special video clip was posted on May 18th, where Hayoung is questioned, "What food did you want to eat the most after returning from the jungle?" Hayoung replied, "Homemade food. I went home right away and ate." 


Hayoung then went on to share, "I got teary when I stepped on the land of Korea and got into the car. I was so excited to see my manager oppa, and I never realized the preciousness of the car that I always rode." 

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