A Pink's Na-Eun Gives Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin in "Sure" Pictorial

Maximilliano VCHK, May 22, 2015, 1:44 p.m.

Girl group member Na-Eun of A Pink is known for her almost ethereal beauty, and she decided to sit down with "Sure" magazine after the photoshoot in order to give some tips and tricks on how to achieve glowing skin and keeping a healthy physique!

In the interview, the idol stated that one should eat sodium-free foods if having a dietary overhaul is too extreme to do. She said, "You don't gain much [weight], and the results are good. When I get hunger pains I drink tomato juice which keeps my appetite at bay. Before a comeback, I replace my breakfast and dinner meals with detoxing juices." 

In regards to having an appealing body, Na-Eun showed that she loves to exercise, and that she particularly enjoyed doing squats. She said, "When overseas activities prevents me from regularly visiting the gym, I still do squats at home. I do five sets of twenty daily, which works out not only my legs but also my entire body. I even rid of the cellulite on my buttocks which I thought would never go away." The upkeep for being a female idol seems to be pretty high, and probably for the rest of the world these sacrifices aren't worth being unable to eat a delicious meal.

Na-Eun shows that her techniques work, looking gorgeous and perfect in the June edition of "Sure" magazine.

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