A Pink’s Namjoo Begins to Tear Up from Hearing Kim Yoo Mi’s Poem on “Going to School”

David Song, Oct. 7, 2015, 10:21 a.m.

During the October 6th airing of JTBC’s “Going to School”, A Pink’s Namjoo began to choke while listening to actress Kim Yoo Mi’s poem, which was regarding the theme of disappearing youth. Kim Yoo Mi had begun to recite her poem with perfect composure as she read out the words, "Youth is a time that, once gone, can never return."


After the first line, Kim Yoo Mi suddenly became overcome with emotion, and had to stop her readings in order to regain her composure. She continued to read on saying, "Today is my most youthful day. Time may steal my youth but my passion and joy deepens. The day-to-day moments will knock at my heart. The friends who told me to get back on my feet, told me everything will be okay and cheered me on, who reminded me of my youth, who brought me the innocent, pure, precious times, I thank you and love you." 


After seeing Kim Yoo Mi’s tears, Namjoo began to cry also, making Kangnam tease her by saying, "Why are you crying?" in an attempt to comfort her. After Kangnam’s teasing, Namjoo gave an awkward laugh. We hope you cheer up Namjoo, don’t be so sad!
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