AB6IX Debt Free Thanks to Brand New Music CEO Rhymer

Jane Lee, June 5, 2019, 5:38 p.m.

On June 5, Lee Dae Hwi, Brand New Music CEO Rhymer, rapper GREE, and singer Muji guested on MBC's "Radio Star."

During the show, Lee Dae Hwi revealed, "You incur debt when you're a trainee for a long time. But our CEO cleared AB6IX's debt." He brought laughter by adding, "It was impressive how he could've just told us but instead, extravagantly called us up to the meeting room and announced it."

Rhymer explained, "The cost that goes into training period to debut is quite large. I wanted to relieve (the debt) for them because they worked hard and made the debut on their own," and added, "I wanted them to earn money from the very beginning."

Lee Dae Hwi also added, "He also gifted us custom mics. He emphasized how they cost 12 million KRW (10,187 USD)."

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