AB6IX's Park Woo Jin goes from cute to cool to mature in '@star1'

Jun Ko, May 17, 2019, 11:55 a.m.

AB6IX's Park Woo Jin took on a rosy glow in his pictorial for '@star1'! He took on several concepts with the different color tones of the 'Clinique' blush, going from cool to mature to cute! In the accompanying interview, he discussed his group's title track, the preparation for their debut showcase and more! 

AB6IX's debut showcase: "It's our first opportunity to show AB6IX to the audience. I am practicing countless hours in order to meet fans' expectations of me. I want to be recognized for my dance and rap. I want to make 'Park Woo Jin' known to even more people."

AB6IX's debut track 'Breathe': "I wrote the lyrics while thinking of the suffocating times when I'm alone in the practicing room and lost in thought, when I'm stuck creating choreography, or when I feel like I'm not improving. I try my best to match the flow to the mood of the song. More than anything, I want to show how much I've grown as a rapper." 

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