A.cian Releases Video Teaser for ‘Ouch’

kpopluv, Oct. 27, 2014, 6:27 p.m.

A.cian has released a music video teaser as they prepare for their comeback as a five member boy group under Mono Music titled ‘Ouch’.  The group has also released individual video teaser for the members. 

ISS Entertainment first introduced the members through their official YouTube channel, showing pictures with the members’ names tagged on it to distinguish the different members of the group.

Originally consisting of five members,in December 2013 A.cian has undergone a member shake-up after successive members withdrew from the group. According to their agency ISS Entertainment on October 29, “A.Cian’s Se Hee, Crooge and Seulgi left the group, and new members Hidden, Jung Sang and Jin.O were recruited.

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