Actor Joo Jin Mo Denies Dating Rumors

Nicholas Kim, July 6, 2016, 9:37 a.m.

Korean actor Joo Jin-mo’s agency on Wednesday denied rumors about the star’s romantic relationship with Chinese actress Zhang Li. This came after online video platform iQiYi circulated photos of the two at a dinner party during Joo’s recent visit to China. It also said Joo and Zhang have been dating recently.

In response, Fantagio, the entertainment agency of Joo, told local media that Joo and Zhang were simply “close friends.” “(Joo and Zhang) are not dating,” a staff of Fantagio was quoted as saying. “He was accompanied by staff and managers at the dining party.”

Both Joo and Zhang star in the upcoming Chinese drama series “Honey, I am Sorry.” The three-month filming for the series ended in February. 

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