Actor Jung Suk Won receives his sentence for his drug use

Jun Ko, Oct. 11, 2018, 10:27 a.m.

Actor Jung Suk Won, husband of singer Baek Ji Young, was arrested back in February for his use of philopon and cocaine during his trip to Australia. He received his sentence during his trial on October 11th after admitting he was guilty to some of the charges made against him; the Seoul District Court sentenced him to 10 months of probation and 2 years of a suspended prison sentence. Two of his acquaintances were also given the same sentence as well as a 300,000 KRW fine (263.48 USD). 

The Seoul District Court gave their statement regarding the trial: "Drug-related crimes not only cause physical and mental harm to the individual, but it also causes harm to society at large. It has a negative effect on society as a whole, so it needs a corresponding punishment. The defendants' drug-taking behavior appears to be an one-time act of curiosity during his travel abroad. He's currently deeply reflecting on his crimes." 

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