Actor Ko Joo Won involved in nightclub assault

Social belly, Oct. 21, 2013, 1:27 p.m.

Ko Joo Won’s representative released the statement that he would take legal action for he and his group were assaulted at a night club.On October 20th, Him and his friends were assaulted by another group at a club in Gangnam.   

His representative stated, “His birthday was on the 16th, so he went out with close friends for the weekend.”  “The clubbers in the next booth were drunk and began acting inappropriately, such as kissing one of the actor’s female friends.  When they tried to stop them, seven of the other side rushed them and began assaulting them.”

"Since Ko Joo Won is widely known, his friend got him out of there first. His friend, who faced the attackers alone, is now in the hospital," the representative said. "Since there were CCTV on the scene as well as many witnesses, the truth will come out when the police begin their investigation. If additional witnesses are needed, Ko Joo Won is willing to go to the police himself and be interrogated."

The group are planning legal action, the representative said, "Ko Joo Won himself is also planning legal action for being labeled as the offending party and defamation".

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