Actor Sung Hoon to take legal action for unpaid wages for web drama!

Yumi Kim , Jan. 17, 2019, 11:54 a.m.

It was revealed that actor Sung Hoon will be taking legal action against web drama 'I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street' for unpaid wages. On January 17, the actor's label Stallion Entertainment told media outlets, "Sung Hoon hasn't been paid properly for starring in 'I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street'. The amount is 105 million Won (approximately $93,600 USD). We're currently planning to take legal action." 

The web drama, "I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street" also starred Kim Ga Eun, Kim Jong Hoon, Kim Sung Jin, and Park Soo Ah. The web drama was produced by YG Studioplex who is currently in the midst of a dilemma as the co-CEO went missing after stealing billions of Won from investors. 

Stay tune for more updates!  

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