Actor 'Yang' Receives Negative Result for Drug Test and Charges Are Dropped

BanSeok Shin, May 21, 2019, 5:33 p.m.

Last month a well known actor, known only as "Yang", was arrested after he was found going around a Seoul hotel in the Nonhyeon-dong neighborhood late at night. A recording of the the incident shows that the actor was likely under the influence of a substance and as a result he received a drug test. On May 21st, the Gangnam Police Station reported that Yang's drug test came back negative (meaning no significant traces of drugs in his system) after the test was conducted by the National Forensic Service.

During the investigation a bag of drugs was found in Yang's things. The drugs contained phentermine - a substance used in weight loss supplement. Yang told the police that he had been prescribed the substance and that he was using it for an upcoming project. In regards to the previously mentioned incident he said, "This time, I took eight pills in a day." Psychotic episodes and hallucinations are rare but possible effects of normal use of the substance. Fortunately, the overdose did not cost the actor his life or that of anyone else.

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