Actors Cho Jae Hyun And Oh Dal Su Are Accused Of Sexual Abuse Allegations

Kaylin Hong, Feb. 23, 2018, 9:56 a.m.

Veteran actors Cho Jae-hyun and Oh Dal-su were accused of sexual misconduct on Friday as the rapidly spreading "Me Too" campaign to stand up to sexual abuse continues to encourage victims to come forward. Earlier in the day, an actress hinted in an online posting that the popular actor Cho had sexually abused her in the past.

"I've been waiting for your case to be exploded some day. Time has come earlier than I had expected. It is only the beginning. So much trash to dump," the actress Choi Yul wrote on her Instagram account.

"I have more things to lose so I can't tell everything now. Until the day when all perverts are gone," she wrote in the post, which included the hashtags "metoo" and "withyou," along with a photo of the actor.

The post was widely circulated and created a huge stir online, but she deleted it and changed her profile status to private. But she and the actor became the most trending search words on local portal sites.

Cho's agency, CS Actors, said they were checking the veracity of the accusation with the actor.

Meanwhile, an accusation against the actor Oh began with an anonymous online posting dated Feb. 15, in which the author accused the actor of sexually assaulting her in the '90s when she was working with him at a theater in Busan.

The actor's name wasn't revealed in the post but his initials were.

"The actors habitually and secretly committed sexual harassment against junior female actors. He was one of producer Lee's pupils and now is a popular comedy actor," the person wrote, referring to the disgraced stage director Lee Youn-taek, who made a public apology on Monday for sexual abuse.

"For me he is no more than a pervert, an evil (person) and a psychopath. Since the shocking incident, I have been in pain for 20 years and still receive psychotherapy. I hope he is punished in hell."

This afternoon, some media reported that Oh is the man referred to in the post.

His agency didn't release any public statement on the allegation.

Neither actor was available for comment.

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