Actress Hong Soo Ah admits to receiving plastic surgery!

Yumi Kim, Nov. 29, 2017, 4:59 p.m.

Actress Hong Soo Ah has finally admitted to getting plastic surgery. The actress starred on the November 29 airing of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and there she disclosed about going under the knife. The actress took the time to explain the rumors surrounding plastic surgery. She explained, "I was looking at the screen after filming a movie and the producer told me that I will look prettier if I slightly get work done on my eyes. I was also feeling a limit to my role choices. I wanted to be an actress with a wide range. Now, they love me in China."

She also added, "There was a press conference in Beijing. It was a schedule where I had to fly back in the evening. But the airport employee looked at my passport photo and said it wasn't me (in the photo). So I unintentionally had to reveal, 'It's me. I got surgery”, as she stated that she almost got rejected at a Chinese airport.

Hong Soo Ah also explained why she decided to enter the Chinese market. She stated, "I didn't have any productions in Korea. I really wanted to act. And I was given an offer for a Chinese film. I didn't go there to make money. I just really wanted to act. That was back 2014. I also came to learn the language since I had to live."

There was a moment where she was asked if she believed her popularity matched as great as actress Choo Ja Hyun and Hong Soo Ah answered, "No", then smiled and added, "I'm a bit popular."

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