Actress Ji Ha Yoon Threatens Her Stalker and Exposes Him

Paul Lee, Jan. 11, 2016, 11:15 a.m.

Actress Ji Ha Yoon has made a name for herself with her variety of minor roles on television, and she has recently been embroiled in some controversy after posting the identity of her stalker online publicly. On January 10th, Ji Ha Yoon posted her stalker’s photos, name, age, and screen captures of the messages that he sent to her. Her post’s caption read, "The person who's stalked me for several years. He even came to my house and followed and took pictures of me as I went to my friend's house and uploaded them."


The actress statement continued on to say, "It's become too much that I'm going to report him. I've tried warning and ignoring him countless times and he said he will stop; but his stalking only got worse. I'll show him that I'm not just using words as a warning. I upload this so that he will see it."


Netizens are reacting differently to Ji Ha Yoon’s bold attempt at war against her stalker, with some being supportive and others being more critical.  Ji Ha Yoon was born on February 10th, 1995 in South Korea, She is 165 cm tall and has appeared in shows such as “Bubblegum”, “Second Time Twenty Years Old”, and “School 2015: Who Are You”?

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