Actress Kim Hyun Joo Shows Off Her Many Faces with “Grazia” Photoshoot

Troy Yang, April 5, 2016, 11:11 a.m.

The beautiful actress Kim Hyun Joo managed to draw in a ton of attention as two different characters for SBS’ “I Have a Lover”, and she shows her beauty in the new April issue of “Grazia” magazine! Kim Hyun Joo’s photoshoot took place in San Francisco, and she rocks “ESCADA” clothing while showing off her elegant and stylish outfits which portray her talent at playing different roles.


This interview is the actress’ very first one after her recent drama had ended, and she discussed how difficult it was to talk about production since it was still so recent that it almost didn’t even register as a memory. Kim Hyun Joo then stated that she doesn’t wish to let go of the personality for her character Do Hae Kyung, showing her love for the drama.


Kim Hyun-joo (born April 24, 1977) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for starring in the television dramas Glass Slippers (2002), Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest (2004), The Land (2004), Twinkle Twinkle(2011), What's With This Family (2014), and I Have a Lover (2015).

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