Actress Ko So Young Cancels Contract with Japanese Firm Accused of Doing Business with Loan Sharks

John Kim, Sept. 28, 2015, 10:31 a.m.

Actress Ko So-young said Friday she has canceled a contract with a Japanese financial company after the firm was accused of doing business with local loan sharks. Ko, who is married to actor Jang Dong-geon, had been modeling for J Trust Group since earlier this month. She has drawn criticism for advertising moneylenders who are notorious here for encouraging a wasteful lifestyle.

In a statement Friday, Ko expressed a "sincere apology" for sparking the controversy. "I'd decided (to model) because I wanted to emphasize the group's brand image as one that is growing in many areas," she said. "After hearing the news, however, I realized there were things I'd overlooked.

"As an actress, wife and mother, I'll try to return the love and support I've received by becoming a responsible and mature citizen of this society," she added. J Trust Group, meanwhile, denied ties with moneylenders.

"We have 26 subsidiaries all over Asia, but not one is doing the moneylending business we are accused of," the group said in a statement. "It's regretful that the controversy surrounds matters that aren't true, but we've decided to respect Ko's wish. The contract has been canceled without problems."

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